Disney Sing Along Songs – Who Remembers Disney Sing Along Songs VHS?

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Constantly desired to take a journey down memory lane? When I was younger I remember having this large collection of VHS’s called Disney Sing Along Songs . Awe the times when having a VCR was necessary. I remember the Intro most of all. It started with the vintage Walt Disney home video intro.

Next thing I would associate with is several owls and a nice up beat type of cadence. “Is everybody ready to sing along with Disney Songs?” How iconic this is to me presently. Professor Owl! That was his name. I know the beginning Disney Sing Along Songs video had almost 10 songs on it. Sing along songs from Mary Poppins, Pinocchio, Snow White, Lady and the Tramp and some more. Who remembers “Whistle While you Work” from Snow White?

If I recall right my favorite edition was the 13th aptly named “Circle of Life”, it came out in 1994 just around the time Lion King had made a name for itself. I know everyone remembers “the circle of life, and “he lives in you”. This movie was Epic. There were also songs from extra movies like “the Little Mermaid”

I did a little examination and I found out that they still are designing these Disney Sing Along Songs movies. I do believe the last one they distributed was in 2005 sad so say I don’t know what songs are on this but I can almost guarantee that some kids of today can advise me. Sometime these videos were re-issued and Disney separate some of the songs out and replaced them with new ones. This upsets me because these movies are what I grew up on but what can ya do about it?
To the best of my awareness I’ve attempted to educate you on something that used to mean a lot to me. If you get a chance go and check them out

Disney Sings Along Songs

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Disney Sing Along Songs – Who Remembers Disney Sing Along Songs VHS?

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This article was published on 2010/11/02