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Like all great guitar based bands you need some great guitar songs but what exactly makes a great guitar song? Well there are a number of aspects such as an irresistible riff, a solo or jam that still impresses even after several times of listening to it and a final power chord that blows you away, causing you to replay the song time and time again. It is these aspects that make up some of the greatest songs such as Purple Haze - Jimmy Hendrix or A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles.

It is within the notes of the song that determine the greatest guitar moments, which is evident in songs such as the above as well as Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry and Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones. The notes of these songs portray a mixture of desire, fury, despair and joy but they do it in such a way that makes you feel all of these emotions at once. A great guitar song for a band has the need to say something new and to say it loud. This is because rock has a sound associated with impendence and taking a stand and the guitar is essential to undertaking this.

Great guitar songs have the ability to combine a mixture of styles and pull it off perfectly and it is great guitar songs, such as the ones that I have previously mentioned that give not only new and emerging bands the ability to gain an ear for music, but it also allows individuals too as well. It is through listening intently to songs that allows you to be able to distinguish between notes.

No matter how advanced you are with your guitar playing there will be some great guitar songs out there that are perfect for you, one example of this can be seen within the number of great guitar songs out there for guitar beginners.

Back In the USSR - The Beatles, Suffragette City - Bowie and Basket Case - Green Day as well as Molly's Chamber - Kings of Leon are all prime examples of great guitar songs that are perfect for bands to play and learn from. Although all of these songs are pretty simple where the guitar work is concerned they are all memorable for the effect they had on the music world.

There are some impressive songs around that are relatively easy to play as they only consist of a few basic chords but by no means does this take anything away from the songs; they are still highly entertaining and well known. Green Day and The Beatles are two examples of this, songs by these artists are considered to be simple and easy to learn, making them the perfect starting point for bands. Talking of starting points for bands, Mr Tambourine Man - Bob Dylan, Wish you Were Here - Pink Floyd and Viva La Vida - Coldplay are also great guitar songs, perfect for new and up and coming band.

All of the above examples of music are all very diverse songs and they all have a difference when it comes to the levels of difficulty associated with playing them but nothing can doubt the fact that they are all great guitar songs.

It is through learning songs such as these that you are able to learn about correct pace and rhythm, which will help you advance onto more complex songs and of course will help you write your own.

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Great Guitar Songs For a Band

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This article was published on 2010/03/28