Gucci Mane Icy - A Breakthrough Hip Hop Song

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The song called "Icy" was a break-through record for the southern artist Gucci Mane. It was his first real chance to gain the attention of people all across America for the first time ever in the rap game. This song was an anthem that he came up with to express how he felt about jewelry, or as slang would imply, "ice." He really likes wearing new diamond-studded necklaces and wrist-watches and he felt that it was necessary to let the people know why he really likes them so much. He did not make the song "Icy" a hit by himself though. He had a lot of help from one of his friends who went by the performing name of "Young Jeezy." Together, the two fellow friends from Atlanta worked hard to promote the record and it became an instant classic.

Radio stations were playing the song "Icy" and getting a lot of requests for it. This song was unlike any other hip hop song before it due to the fact that it appealed to people across all different demographics. Eventually, a music video was created for the song which featured both Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy. The people not only loved the song, but they really liked the video and requested it for MTV's video countdown series as well as all of the BET hip hop countdowns. The life of the young artist Gucci Mane ended up changing forever because of this ode to princess-cut diamonds.

This song ended up becoming so successful that the artist Young Jeezy ended up wanting to put it on his album entitled "Thug Motivation 101: Let's Get It." Gucci Mane did not like the fact that he wanted to steal his own record and claim it for himself. The two artists ended up disputing heavily over the record and it lead to a breaking-up of their relationship as artists. This song was a huge breakthrough for both artists, especially for Gucci Mane who nobody had even heard of until this became a radio hit. Currently, both artists have come a long way since "Icy" and have each made songs that were more successful than this collaboration together.

The song "Icy" appeared on Gucci Mane's first album "Trap House," which ended up selling very well on an independent label called "Big Cat Records." After this smash hit song, he ended up selling a few more albums independently and then signed with Atlantic Records shortly after. It is great to witness the leverage and success that artists like Gucci Mane can experience after releasing a song like "Icy."

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Gucci Mane Icy - A Breakthrough Hip Hop Song

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This article was published on 2010/03/31