How to Find Song Ideas by "Listening"

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Earlier we talked about how many more ideas for songs will come our way by "turning on the radar" and adjusting our subconscious mind to be more "in tune" to the world around us.

One of the ways we can do that is to work on developing the art of "listening".

How often, throughout the course of the day, do you have a conversation with someone, then, later on, have a hard time recalling what you actually talked about.

This is a natural result of being bombarded regularly with outside stimuli. It's everywhere. Cell phones, computers, pagers, TV, horns honking, music blaring, loudspeaker announcements and the like.

With all that going on around us, it's no wonder we have a hard time focusing on a single conversation with someone. Sometimes the mind just wants to retreat into solitude.

But as a songwriter, you might just find that some of your best ideas spring from conversations with others - as well as conversations that are overheard.

The best songs are conversational in nature. They speak "lyrically" -like we speak. Songs written for country music in Nashville are a prime example. The words flow, just like regular folks talk.

Therefore, it stands to reason that great song ideas might just come from listening - really and truly "listening" - to how regular folks talk!

It can be a conversation you are having with a friend or co-worker, or something you hear someone say in line at the grocery store, or a sentence you overhear at the next table in a restaurant, or the obnoxious guy on the cell phone. Ideas are everywhere.

Training the ears to really "hear" what's going on around us is a great way to pick up a new title or hook for a song, or a good line to include for a song, or even a good overall concept for a song. So make sure the "radar" is always on!

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How to Find Song Ideas by "Listening"

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This article was published on 2010/03/28