How to Remove Duplicates in ITunes Properly

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If you are a music lover, you are likely to have an iTunes library where you store your music, manage and share it with your friends and relatives. The common problem you will encounter with having an iTunes library is running out of space for songs because you do not want to delete any song or you may have mistakenly or unknowingly copied duplicate songs. You need to know the options available on how to remove duplicates in iTunes.

Some Options Available to You:

There is always a great possibility that you get duplicate songs when transferring files to your iTunes. Do not fret as you are not the only one experiencing this problem. Duplications are but a common occurrence when copying or transferring songs to your iTunes library. The real problem is how to remove duplicates in Itunes.

Deleting duplicate songs is necessary because they take up space in your hard drive that can be used to load other songs. Manually removing the duplicate songs from your hard drive is possible but the task can be time consuming and exasperating.

The best way to remove duplicates from iTunes is to delete the duplicate files from your music library, thus freeing up some space in your hard drive. If you browse the Internet, you will find a wide array of programs and methods that you can consider to help you deal with the problem of removing duplicate songs from iTunes.

You can either manually remove duplicate songs or download a program that you can use to easily remove duplicates from iTunes. If you opt for the manual method, iTunes has a built-in function that you can use to do the task. This feature is designed to find and remove the duplicate songs in your music library. The process involves highlighting each song in your music library then dragging these songs to a folder which you have created on your hard drive. You have then a complete and cleaned music library, minus the duplicate songs.

After making a new library of music, you should delete permanently every song in your iTunes and your hard drive library. The manual way can be time consuming but if done properly, will result to a clean and organize music library.

Downloading a plug-in from the Internet is another way to Remove Duplicates Itunes songs from iTunes. This gives you an option to automatically remove the duplicate songs. How does the plug-in works? It scans the entire library of music, identifies the duplicate songs and gives you an option to either remove the duplicate songs instantly or tag them as duplicates and remove them by yourself.

Many music lovers prefer to download and use plug-ins to delete duplicate songs from their iTunes library. They find the process easy, fast and convenient. The plug-in eliminates the need for you to manually check and sift through the hundreds of songs you have in your music library. The manual process can be straining to the eyes, boring and vexing.

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Now that you know the best way to Remove duplicates from iTunes, start freeing up some valuable space in your iTunes library and make room for your other favorite songs. Visit for the proper way to do the task.

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How to Remove Duplicates in ITunes Properly

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This article was published on 2012/01/10