Recommendation of Classic Songs ONE

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1. Check 5 Most Terrific tiffany and co , You Will Impressed! Don't cry - Guns n 'roses. Most First-Grade Peach Flower Festival New Arrivals: thomas sabo uk This song has made millions of people cry. What is the Future of Romantic tiffany&co ? God Knows! It is always able to touch the softest place of the heart. the heart is lancinating, eye socket turned red, but no tears leaking, each time to listen to this song one more attachment will be...

Second, fade to black-matallic,metal bands also have many classic songs, beleving many people listen this song then to learn the guitar! That is the most classical one in the METALLICA's classic, and also the works that received different comments, for at that time there is fan who suicided because of it.

3. Dreaming my dream-Cranberries. It is cold and glamorous, but it talks about the changes and the eternity of humans. Cranberries drew the immense temperament of spirit and legend, linked up the beauty between the world and sky, and put the tale, love, history, death, society into the drifting and vivid female voice.

4. dying in the sun--cranberries, repeating this song in its short circuitous tune and lyric. Lying mistily in such kind of songs and hoping sleep to death in the sun...

5. Never grow old-Cranberries. People always say how time flies. After heard this song, you will have a feeling of fiddle about doing nothing day by day! Maybe this song will enlighten you.

6. far away from home--groove coverage. The German new band, the song has been regarded as the essence of heritage by masses of well-known DJ. 7. knocking on heaven's door--guns n' roses. the cover edition sung by Avril and gun roses all give people a fresh feeling.

8. "imagine"-- john lennon. John Lennon is the soul mate in the world's most successful band "Bettles". The vioce sounds like vaticinator' s prayer, and the song lyric are still pigheaded ideal, Perhaps the desire of Lennon was too absolute and too pure. But as a dream, Haven`t you had one before?

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Recommendation of Classic Songs ONE

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This article was published on 2010/10/09