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Do you remember a time when you listened to a song that reminded you of a past experience? The reason why this happens is the music that is play while we are feeling an intense emotion will get linked up to that emotion. This is the basics of anchoring. This explains why certain songs will instantly make you feel sad while other songs will make you feel happy. There is one type of song can help change your life: Motivational songs.

When we hear these songs, something happens in our body and mind that makes us want to take action to accomplish something. The hardest part about pursuing a goal is keeping yourself motivated to keep pursuing that goal. Anyone can get themselves to do anything when they feel like it. It's those times when your body is just not cooperating with you that you need to work on. There are many things you can do to motivate yourself and one of them is listening to motivational music.

These types of songs will often have lyrics that are like poems that inspire you to want to take control of your life again. One of the classic songs is the theme song from the movie Rocky, Eye of the Tiger. Many people who hear this song will associate it to the images of the main character in the movie training for his big fight. The heart and passion that is portrayed gets people motivated to just take action. I normally listen to songs like this when I'm either working out or when my motivation is low and I need something to get me going again.

Although methods like listening to pump up songs only give you temporary motivation, what it can do for you if you stick with it long enough is help you develop habits. Many times when we look at successful people, they seem to do things without effort. They don't even look like they are trying. The reason for this is because the actions that most find hard to do are merely routine to successful people. If you ask someone who goes to the gym everyday what they do to motivate themselves to get to the gym, chances are, they will tell you that they don't need motivation because it's a habit. Do you have to motivate yourself to brush your teeth in the morning? Why not? It is because you've made it a habit.

So these motivational songs are there to help motivate you for the moment but if you get yourself to keep taking action, before know it, those action will become habits. Once that happens, you'll be making it look easy.

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Songs That Motivate

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This article was published on 2010/04/02