The Many Types of Break Up Songs

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One the most amazing things about music is its ability to help us get through the tough and difficult times in our lives. When it seems like you don't have anything else going for you, there's always music to turn to. Going through a break up or ending the relationship with the person you loved can be one of the most emotionally frustrating times in your life. You can feel all types of emotions, ranging from sadness to extreme anger to rejection and more. If you're looking for some music to help pick you up after this time, the list of the different types of breaking up music might be of help:

Angry-Hate Types: If you are feeling emotions of anger and hate, then these types of songs may be good ways to deal with those feelings and express anger without doing anyone physical harm. Songs like Damien Rice's "Rootless Tree" or Ugly Kid Joe's "I Hate Everything About You" are perfect examples of songs that convey a lot of anger and hate. Be forewarned though: most angry songs will likely have potentially offensive language or loud and heavy music.

Emo Sad: Emo is a type of music that is usually sad and sensitive. If you are feeling a lot of rejection, confusion, or sadness about your break up, these songs usually have excellent lyrics that will make you think, as well as gentle melodies that can help you go through the grieving process.

Empowering Music: Sometimes the best way to get over a break up is to realize that you're better off without the person or that you are strong and can get through anything. Gloria Gaynor's popular song "I Will Survive" is the perfect example of being empowered to get through anything.

Funny Make You Laugh Songs: Sometimes you just need a laugh to remind you that even if your love life might be in shambles, there is likely some humor in the situation. Songs like "Gimme Back My Dog" by the band Slobberbone is the perfect examples of a funny song about breaking up with someone to help you see the funny side of the situation.

Songs for the Dumper: So often it is the one getting dumped who seems the most heartbroken and has the most songs to choose from. However, if you are the one ending the relationship there are quite a good few songs for you to listen to as well. For example, Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" could be a great one to play if you're the one ending a relationship.

With decades upon decades of music to choose from, and many different types and styles, there is sure to be that one song out there somewhere that will help you get through the tough times of breaking up until your broken heart is healed.

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The Many Types of Break Up Songs

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This article was published on 2010/03/30