Tips For Writing Your Own Songs

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People often think that it is difficult to learn and apply songwriting techniques in reality. It is true that songwriting is not easy, but with some quick tips you will be able to surprise yourself with a song written on your own in a very short time.


Some people still emphasize that songwriting is a thing you are born with and you can not acquire it, so you whether have it or not. I have been studying music for a long time now to know that this is ridiculous because I have learned to write music and if I did it you too can do it.

From my experience, songwriting is about 2 main things:

1- Learn as much as you can: I mean by that learning music theory (what key you are going to use, what scales, what chord progression...etc) and how it relates to your song theme and also learning other songwriting techniques like lyrics (the structure of the song, what words to use and what is not)...etc


2- Inspiration: If you want your song to be touching so when people hear it they fall directly in love with it, you have to be inspired by a thing that happened in your life as well as others lives, so you have to find songwriting ideas around you.


So it is not hard after all, you do not have to be Mozart to write a musical piece and definitely not a philosopher when writing song lyrics.


The next thing you are going to do is to try your music over you song lyrics to see if they fit or not, if they do then you are done, if not try other musical ideas.


The combination of these 2 processes will make a great song that you can play it to your friends to see their impressions, if they like it, then you have to try to play it live to other people, so you can share your experience with them.


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Tips For Writing Your Own Songs

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This article was published on 2010/08/19