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The best places to find the top rap songs of the moment are the weekly Billboard and Itunes charts. Billboard uses the airplay measurements of Nielson BDS to determine the most popular rap songs, while websites such as Ontheradio and Doipod keep track of the rap artists downloaded most frequently on iTunes. Retail websites such as Amazon also have music charts listing top selling artists by genre. Currently, these charts are dominated by Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Flo Rida, Kanye West and B.o.B. The following rap hits appear at the top of multiple music charts and currently receive the most radio airplay and generate significant sales of albums and singles.

Love the Way You Lie

Eminem Featuring Rihanna

Currently the number one rap song on the Billboard Rap Charts, "Love the Way You Lie" holds a variety of impressive rankings on other music charts, including the following:

-#1 on AOL Radio

-#2 on Yahoo Video

-#3 on the Billboard Hot 100

-#4 on American Top 40

-#6 on MySpace Songs

-#6 in iTunes sales

The song is also ranked by Billboard as the most downloaded ringtone at the moment. This is one of few rap or hip hop songs to achieve popularity outside of the genre, likely a result of Rihanna's collaboration with Eminem. Together, the two artists have achieved popularity across multiple genres, a feat not easily accomplished.


Drake Featuring T.I. & Swizz Beatz

Unlike Eminem's current hit, Fancy is clearly preferred by the rap and hip hop community. Still, its ranking at 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 is impressive for an artist with such a short chart history. Until this summer, only one of Drake's rap songs called "Forever" found success, and even this was due to the featured artists Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. Currently, Drake takes second place to Eminem on the Billboard Top Rap Songs. He also ranks third with "Miss Me" Featuring Lil Wayne and has several other rap songs featured on various music charts.

Like a G6

Far*East Movement Featuring Cataracs & Dev

Despite its ranking of eighth place on the Billboard Rap Chart, "Like a G6" is worthier of attention than higher ranked songs, due to its astronomical rise in popularity. Currently ranked second on Billboard's Digital Songs Chart and sixth on the Billboard Hot 100, "Like a G6" recently jumped up from 13th place on the Billboard Rap Chart and was named the "Greatest Gainer" of the week. These rankings are especially impressive, considering that the song has only been on the charts for a measly four weeks and the artist, Far*East Movement, is a relatively new face in the music community. Chances are, "Like a G6" will hit the top spot on the Hot 100 and the Billboard Top Rap Songs in the near future.

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Top Rap Songs

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This article was published on 2010/10/13