Using Song Lyrics In Your Scrapbooking Journaling

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If you are a scrapbooker that loves music, then you have already got an advantage in your scrapbooking journaling. Rather than thinking what to use in your journaling, you can call upon your favorite songs and pick out a special line or two that fits your scrapbook theme perfectly. But have no fear, because even though you're not the musically-inclined scrapbooker, this article can still help you to put a fresh style in your craft.

You may not be aware that music can help your scrapbooking journaling in a lot of ways than you would expect. Aside from entertaining us and generally making our lives happier and lighter, music also gives a medium for many people to express their thinkings, sentiments, and dreams. In fact; that sounds much like the goal of journaling is all about, right?

Songs can be found all around us, and it is composed for many different purposes. It can be created to entertain and celebrate a significant person or occasion, yet it can also be used to remember and venerate the feelings of less-happier experiences. No matter what motive we make it for, in essence that music holds a special space in our hearts. Everyone knows how organizations and governments put it to use to influence people and their decision-making, correct? If you do not agree, just listen to an appealing jingle from a TV commercial and you will see what I'm talking about.

And so how will you apply songs in your scrapbooking? The ideal and most common way is to use song lyrics. Countless scrapbookers have already been using movie titles, poetry, famous quotes and sayings to get good ideas and creativity for their journaling. So it is not actually a far-fetched notion to discover song lyrics being used, as well. In fact, many of the most sentimental and sincere lines have been found in songs, so why not use this abundant resource?

There are thousands of songs and millions of lyrics available to the scrapbooker in search of inspiration and smart ideas. In case basic words are not enough or are unable to explain the exact message that you like, making use of certain lines from a song might do the trick instead. There are songs for every type of emotions, from joy to sorrow, and everything in between. In addition, you may also use music lyrics for the scrapbook title, as well. If you'd like a little advice, why not make a scrapbook page making use of a photo of you and someone you care about outside while it is raining. You can then use a title like "Laughter in the Rain" or "Singin' in the Rain". See how easy that was?

Given that you've gotten yourself an amazing title, now you can start putting into action your regular styles and techniques in designing your scrapbook layout. You can embellish the borders of the images you will include with a few stickers that will match the whole theme of the scrapbook. The song lyrics you will include have to be relevant to the theme, naturally. One more small suggestion here: if one of the pages gives importance to a particular friendship you have with somebody, perhaps you can title your scrapbook page with 'You've Got A Friend'. I know it's clich� and rather cheesy, still in many instances corny works!

One more thing to consider when using songs for your scrapbooking: you need to remember that you don't have to restrict yourself to using just a couple of lines from the song. If you'd like, you can print out the whole song and stick it in the scrapbook page. The possibilities are endless, especially when you think about the idea that there are thousands of songs around that cover the whole spectrum of human feelings and that you can use for your personal projects.


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Using Song Lyrics In Your Scrapbooking Journaling

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This article was published on 2011/06/24